Wigan groups raising money for park playbox which “brings joy” to community 

Could you give one pound for a playbox?

Springfield & Beech Hill CommUnity and Northern Heart and Soul, based in Wigan, are raising £18,000 for a permanent playbox at Beech Hill park.

The playbox is a special container created by Playful Anywhere, which is full of family friendly activities which can be accessed for free, and includes sports equipment, toys and a huge variety of arts and crafts supplies.

The community enjoyed a temporary playbox during Summer 2023 thanks to funding from Awards For All and the Brighter Borough fund by Wigan Council, but it was so well received, they are now asking for help to purchase one.

Media Cubs ran a series of workshops at the park in August and captured the reaction to the playbox in this video.



The groups have now set up the Pound For Playbox campaign, hoping that people will give just one pound towards the fund.

We have been back to work with young people in the community and have created this campaign video.




Angela Fell, Co-founder of Northern Heart & Soul, said: We’re passionate about there being spaces for children to play and recognising that in some way, adults were no longer in the streets.

“When we trailed the park in Summer, it brought a whole range of people to the park who wouldn’t usually come – so it’s a real community connector and friendship maker.”

Kirsty Day, Media Director at Media Cubs, said: “We’re so pleased that we have been able to support the young people in the community to lead their own campaign, based on their own ideas and passions.

“The playbox was a great asset to the park in Summer, and it was absolutely wonderful to see the amount of people enjoying the space together.”

Alexia, aged 11, added: “During the Summer holidays this year, Beech Hill Park became something else. They brought our little park to life with the playbox. Everyday we had dozens of children socialising and playing together.

“Our younger generation was happy and joyful. New friendships were created and it gave us a safe space to just be kids.”

You can donate to the crowdfunder here.

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