WATCH: Press conference with Ukrainian journalist Maria Romanenko

We had the pleasure of welcoming Ukrainian journalist Maria Romanenko into our online newsroom.
Maria is a journalist, editor, and writer from Kyiv, Ukraine, who is now living in Manchester. 
Having fled the war in 2022, she continues to work as a journalist and translator and has worked with the BBC, ITV, ABC News, and Sky News.
Our mini reporters were able to ask Maria more about her career, how it began, how it changed since the war, her experience of fleeing the war and much more.
Maria said: “I have been campaigning for my country and helping other people who have moved to the UK from Ukraine who cannot speak much English, interpreting things for them…
“I use my audience Twitter to talk about what is going on and use that to help people, share messages and raise money for Ukraine. You can use your journalistic career for good.”


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