WATCH: Mini reporters interview ITV Journalist Jahmal Williams-Thomas

We had the pleasure of welcoming Jahmal (Jam) Williams-Thomas into our online newsroom.

As a camera operator and reporter, Jam covers stories across Manchester and the North West for ITV Granada.

The mini reporters turned the tables on Jam, putting him in the hot seat, and learning about his career, skills and his opinions on diversity in the newsroom.

Jam also shared his advice for budding reporters and what subjects he recommends aspiring journalists to take at GCSE and A-Level. 

Jam said: “Representation (in media) is getting better… and I think most companies are taking steps to change things. When I was 15, I was the only camera operator of colour – I looked around and it was just white British people, mainly middle-aged. But this has changed as time has gone on. 

“I enjoy talking to people in my job – that’s a very good skill to have in journalism! I enjoy meeting people and finding out what makes other people tick.” 

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