My first experiences working with Media Cubs: from training and workshops to high ropes filming


Sixth form student Archie Day has just enjoyed his first week of working with Media Cubs as a crew member – taking part in training to be a part of the summer of fun activities across Greater Manchester as well as working with mini reporters on a filming project. But this is not his first encounter with Media Cubs – as he is the inspiration behind one of the characters – created by his mum and Media Cubs ‘big boss’ Kirsty.
Here Archie tells us about what it has been like training and working as a crew member after seeing first hand how the organisation has grown up with him!
“Starting a new job can be an exciting but nerve-wracking experience – but even more so starting at Media Cubs as I know how important it is to the ‘big boss’ that runs the Media Cubs pop-up TV studio and newsroom – because it is my mum!
“I have seen Media Cubs grow over the past few years and how hard my mum works on it – but I think this first week has opened my eyes even more as to how much goes on behind the scenes to make it such a good experience for young people. But not only that, also, how much goes into making it a great experience for new crew members with in-depth training.
“The other reason for being nervous when I started was because I have never worked with children before.
“My first day at work was a whirlwind, I was met with eagerness to participate in a GoApe filming session from the kids but also the dread that they were about to embark on an adventure around the high-ropes course.
“This made for a unique situation which other jobs would fail to provide, having to make sure that you seemed confident for a group of primary school kids despite feeling nervous yourself.
“However, these nerves soon disappear when you see the enjoyment levels that the children get from a Media Cubs filming session.
“One of the key factors that made my initial experience so enjoyable was the vibrant and inclusive work environment.
“One thing that I was promised when signing up to work for Media Cubs is that no two days would ever be the same, something which I quickly learnt on the job as my first day was spent in the treetops and the following day of work was spent in a conference room getting valuable training to work as a crew member on summer activities in the pop-up TV studio and newsroom.
“The team at Media Cubs are very welcoming to both the staff and any children, something that was made clear on my first day by the friendly interactions between the children and the staff. This has added up to, so far, what has been a very enjoyable first few days of experiencing the Media Cubs workplace.
“From day one, it was evident that my new workplace was committed to fostering professional growth and development. The company provided comprehensive onboarding programmes, training sessions, and mentorship opportunities. These initiatives not only equipped me with the necessary skills but also instilled a sense of confidence in me- a vital skill needed in order to become an employee in this field of work (or any other). I have also come to realise that what I will learn with Media Cubs will be great transferable skills into other industries, just like Media Cubs instills in the kids they work with – putting role models in front of them to grow up with the confidence to believe they can take on any challenge and have a voice in any room.
“And that applies to me to, I have already learnt skills that will help in any walk of life from communication to working with a team, safeguarding, first aid, developed my confidence despite not ever working with children before and also picking up on the aspects that Media Cubs aims to develop within their kids that attend the sessions such as the filming, debating, being kind and also patience!
“All of this while having great fun, and having one of the main characters named after you – which I am very proud of. What’s not to love?”
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