Media Cubs shows support to Manchester gaining UNICEF Child-Friendly City status

Manchester City Council has been officially accepted onto UNICEF’s Child-Friendly Cities and Communities programme and hopes to gain the status with the help of other organisations in the region.
Manchester joins eight other cities in the UK working towards the accreditation.
The status, which takes two to four years to gain, is formal recognition of the positive way a city treats its children and young people.
Media Cubs fully supports the campaign for the city to become child-friendly which will advance children’s rights and say on services. 
Councillor Garry Bridges, executive member for children and schools, at Manchester City Council, said: “We’re putting children and young people at the heart of decision-making in the city- where they will be listened to, respected and able to influence decisions.
“We want to empower young people so that they can help us make our city better- for themselves and for future generations.”
It comes after the success of Our Year 2022 which provided thousands of activities and opportunities for young people.
We were delighted to take part in Our Year by facilitating projects and workshops, as well as capturing events throughout the year with our video team.
Take a look at our mini reporters’ video on the Our Year celebration below, which includes an interview with Jo Maycock from UNICEF UK.


Kirsty Day, project lead for Media Cubs, said: “We are delighted to support Manchester City Council on its journey to becoming accredited child-friendly and applaud them for their dedication to empowering young people living in our great city.
“This is a positive step in the right direction for the region and in line with our own ethos of giving young people a voice to share their views and opinions.”


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