Media Cubs reporters have a blast at Manchester ScienceX exhibition

Three of our mini reporters got up and atom at an exciting science exhibition held at Manchester Central Library in October 2022.
ScienceX, facilitated by the University of Manchester, hosted a free and open event to bring the magic of science and engineering to local families and children.
The Central Library was transformed into a giant learning playground, filled with tons of different stalls where kids could control robots, discover fungi forests, defy gravity, strike lightning, explore sustainability and much more.
As you may already have guessed, our mini reporters had a wild time – see them in action below!
Do you spot all the science puns or do we have to cell everything out for you? (Sorry, we’ll stop now).
Kathryn Downey, social responsibility officer for the University of Manchester, said: “The event helps to celebrate all of the interesting things that we are doing at the university and brings it out to the public. It’s important for us to share all of the really exciting things involved in science.”
Kirsty Day, Media Cubs project leader, said: “The mini reporters had, in their own words, the best day ever, and we think that the video perfectly captures the amazing time they had with all of the lovely students and staff at the exhibition.”

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