Lostock High School students interview Deputy Mayor Kate Green

Thanks to our partnership with the Greater Manchester Violence Reduction Unit, a small group of students from Lostock High School in Stretford were able to hold their very own exclusive press conference with Greater Manchester Deputy Mayor, Kate Green.

The students, ranging from age 11-15, Rainbow, Ewan, Chikanaka and Lilly, enjoyed a spot of media training with us, learning how to use the camera and microphones, as well as polishing up their interview skills.
They were then allowed to press Kate about the issues that mattered to them, which included increasing diversity in the police force, keeping young people safe, and much more.
They were all true professionals and a credit to their school.
Lilly, Year 7, said: “My experience with Kate Green was amazing. She really understood the questions and gave good, informed answers. I learnt about the Police Force and how Kate is working to stop street crime. She was really nice and engaged with us when answering the questions and really cared about making us feel comfortable during the press conference.”
Ewan, Year 10, said: “I gained valuable experience and insights into the interview process and camera work behind the scenes. I learnt that there are people in power working to help younger people and to help change their futures for the better.”
Be sure to check out their highlights video.
Learn more about the Greater Manchester Violence Reduction Unit here: https://gmvru.co.uk/

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