Beech Hill Primary School pupils create short film about community

Thanks to our partnership with Northern Heart & Soul CIC, we have been working with Year 6 pupils at Beech Hill Community Primary School in Wigan to create a short film about the local area.
Our media crew worked with the children across four weeks, upskilling them in reporting and video-making, with roles both in front of and behind the camera.
The pupils were also able to express their opinions and wishes about the community using poetry, dance and singing to get their message across in the film.
They interviewed local councillor Phyllis Cullen and community member Vera to get their perspective on the area and how local voices are heard.
The year group enjoyed a special video premiere on the big screen, complete with trophies and popcorn, to celebrate the end of the project.
Jodie Smith, project lead, said: “It was fantastic to see their development over the month and I was really proud of what they created together. It was lovely to see the teachers and parents welling up at the premiere – it will be a video to look back on in years to come I am sure.”
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