Our story 

Broadcasting confidence through kids-led media

Our video commissions help fund our workshops to help all children broadcast their confidence and believe their voices matter. Find out more about our workshops.

Our story starts with journalist and mum Kirsty Day, who was inspired by her son Jack to provide children from all backgrounds with a place to broadcast their confidence and create, debate and navigate the news.

After launching our pop-up TV studio in schools and community spaces, we started working with family brands to provide real-life creative experiences for our mini reporters. These have been a huge success with brands who have recognised how kids-led content helps them stand out and get noticed by parents!

We now provide professional video production services, supporting young people to become confident communicators who are involved at every step of the creative process – alongside a team of video experts who provide a professional finish to every film.

Our manifesto 

The breaking news is filled with the same old views. In the continuously growing world of media, we’ve created a newsroom where all kids can create, debate and navigate news with confidence. Because confidence encourages opinions, opinions turn into actions, and actions create a new reality. A reality where the confidence gap is closing, and we diversify the news, one mini reporter at a time.

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