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Our pop-up TV studio workshops give children the opportunity to broadcast their confidence as mini reporters

Our mini reporters also work with family-friendly brands to gain hands-on creative experiences and create unique and memorable video content that appeals to grown-ups and young people alike.

“Your videos do a better job than most traditional media agencies – not only by creating fantastic video outcomes but also through the impact of involving young people”

Becky Martin PR

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Does your brand need to win over the hearts and minds of both kids and grown-ups? Add a little Media Cubs magic to your video production by putting young people in the director’s chair! Our mini reporters and video experts have worked with national brands to create authentic and exciting kids-led content that helps brands stand out and get noticed by families.

Helping children to broadcast confidence

Our video commissions help fund our workshops to help all children broadcast their confidence and believe their voices matter.

We deliver workshops and programmes in community settings to reach the children who will most benefit from broadcasting their confidence in the Media Cubs pop-up TV studio and newsroom; covering wide ranging topics from climate change, mental health, social media risks to careers.

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